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Art.Nr: 1325

Edelstahl, Flachmann
Stainless steel, Hip Flask

Edelstahl / stainless steel
9.0 x 10.0 x 2.5 cm

The hip flask began to appear in the form recognised today in the 18th century, initially used by members of the gentry. Hip flasks were traditionally made of pewter, silver, or even glass, though many modern flasks are now made from stainless steel.Hip flasks can vary in shape, although they are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer's hip or thigh, for comfort and discretion. Some flasks have "captive tops" which is a small arm which attaches the top to the flask to stop it from getting lost when it's taken off. A hip flask is most commonly purchased, and then filled by the owner. However, the term "flask" also applies to smallest bottle sizes of alcohol in commercial markets. Some flasks come with small cups to make sharing easier, although generally liquid is drunk directly from the flask.

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